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enrollment procedures


According to the California Department of Education: “Continuation Education provides a high school diploma program that meets the needs of students ages sixteen to eighteen who have not graduated from high school, are not exempt from compulsory school attendance, and are deemed at risk of not completing their schooling. Students enrolled in continuation education programs often are behind in high school credits. They may need a flexible educational environment because they are employed or fulfilling family obligations. Minimum attendance in the program is 15 hours per week or 180 minutes daily. However, many continuation programs provide a wide spectrum of courses that exceed the minimum daily requirement. In addition to academic courses, the program emphasizes an occupational or career orientation or a work–study schedule. Supplemental programs may include independent study, regional occupational programs, career counseling, and job placement and apprenticeships.”


  • Walt Whitman High School will start the intake process only if the student has a referral from their current school. You can download the referral form by clicking ("right click" on a PC, "control click" on a Mac)  on the referral form link above and saving it to your computer, and/or call the school so we can provide it for you.


  • For students who are not attending school, or attending another option school, the student will need to enroll at his/her home school first. Once enrolled at his/her home school, the student will need to speak to the school counselor and see if our Continuation School is the right option for the student.


  • Once we receive the referral form that has been completed by the school counselor along with the required documents, we will contact the student or the student’s parents to inform the student about an observation date.


  • Observations can only be scheduled at 8:00 A.M. on Thursday and Friday of each week. Observation is done so the prospective students will know how our school works. This will be an opportunity for the prospective students to meet the students and the teachers of Walt Whitman High School. It is also the opportunity for the student to see and know first hand, the environment, expectations and culture of our school.


  • After the observation, the student will be given an enrollment packet by the office. The office will then schedule the student for an Intake Meeting on the following Monday. Intake Meetings only take place on every Monday of each week at 12:30 P.M. unless notified otherwise.


  • The prospective student will need to attend the Intake Meeting along with his/her parents and must have the enrollment packet completed. After the meeting, the student will be notified if he/she is accepted to Walt Whitman High School.


  • If accepted, the student will get an acceptance letter from the office which the student will provide it to his/her current school so the school can check out the student and provide the student with a P.A.R. and Official Transcript.


  • The accepted student can start school as soon as the student provides the P.A.R. and transcript to the Whitman Office and the student arrives before 8:00 A.M.